ECTC has many tools to help you successfully specify and install erosion and sediment control products. The Erosion Control Tool Box lists the most popular resources in one convenient place.

Erosion Control Tools



 PDFs of Drawings

Installation Video

Product Selection Tool


Hydraulic Erosion Control Product (HECPs)


HECP Specification

Hydraulic Biotic Soil Amendment  Specification

Copy & Paste 1 HECP Specifications


HECP Installation Guidelines


HECP Fact Sheet


Not available for HECPs


HECP Installation Video / English

Vídeo de instalación de HECP / Español



HECP Product Selection Tool


Rolled Erosion Control Product (RECPs)


RECP Specification

Copy & Paste 1 RECP Specifications



RECP Installation Guidelines


RECP Fact Sheet (temporary RECPs)

Channel  CAD

Slope CAD

Shoreline  CAD

Channel  PDF

Slope PDF

Shoreline  PDF

 RECP Installation Videos

 Intro / English

Slope / English

Channel / English

Shoreline / English

Vídeos de instalación de RECP

Introducción  / Español

De pendiente  / Español

Del canal / Español

De costa / Español


RECP Product Selection Tool


Sediment Retention Fiber Rolls (SRFR)


SRFR Specification


SRFR Installation Guidelines





 SRFR Installation Video / English

Vídeo de instalación de SRFR / Español


SRFR Product Selection Tool

This tool is not available at this time
1 Copy & Paste / Plug & Play / Boilerplate Specifications are comprised of a text version or a table version of each product category. You will be able to select the category you want.