Behind the Scenes


Shawn Billet

LSC Environmental Products

Sales and Technical Support
Employed at LSC Environmental Products  for 22 years


 PDF of Shawn's write up

 Shawn Billet on his Motorcycle

Shawn Billet is the Southern Regional Support Assistant for LSC Environmental Products. While that’s his official job title, it doesn’t fully convey his wide-ranging contributions to the company or his outstanding professional and personal abilities. In addition to installing LSC’s equipment and educating the company’s customers about LSC products, Shawn is a highly skilled mechanic, welder, and fabricator. When he’s not traveling to assist LSC customers, Shawn spends time in the shop to help build the equipment that LSC offers.

Born and raised in Endicott, New York, Shawn has been with LSC since the beginning, working in a number of key roles and playing an integral part in the development of LSC equipment. He played a big role in the development of LSC’s spray-applied products, including a number of erosion control solutions.

Shawn’s great wit and magnetic personality help make people very comfortable in his presence, he understands all levels of the LSC organization and can relate to every one of them. But what sets him apart goes beyond his impressive skillset. His dedication to helping LSC succeed—to doing whatever it takes, whether or not he’s asked, to improve LSC products or help customers—has made him a highly valuable asset to the company and the people LSC serves.

This combination of professional and personal excellence is why LSC sends him to help customers across the country and throughout the world.

Being in front of the customer is, coincidentally, Shawn’s favorite part of his job. When he’s not doing that, Shawn enjoys boating, riding his motorcycle, and spending time with family in his free time.