Behind the Scenes


Patrick Ramos

MKB Company

Production Manager
Employed at MKB Company for 9 years


PDF of Patrick's write upPHOTO: Patrick Ramos

Mr. Patrick Ramos has been with MKB Company since the very beginning. He embodies and personifies the heartbeat of MKB Company “behind the scenes”. In his role as Production Manager, Patrick handles scheduling and production for MKB Company, but in the early days, Patrick handled everything from logistics to being on the line making the product!  Patrick Ramos deserves to be honored because of his positive attitude, work ethic, and willingness to always figure out a way.  When our team needs the impossible done, we call Patrick. 

Over the years, Patrick has been our logistics coordinator, inventory manager, production manager, general labor, and even when needed a truck driver! The variety of roles he has played over the years for MKB Company shows both his versatility and commitment.  He always does what is needed and somehow comes out improving each of the areas he works at.  Patrick is one of the many “behind the scenes” people that make MKB work at the breakneck pace that our customers often require.  So Kudos to Patrick Ramos and thank you for your dedicated years at MKB Company.

Patrick and his wife Rhoda have 3 children Giovanni, Joaquin, Jackson.  Patrick recently obtained his Sport Pilot license and enjoys flying in his spare time. Patrick also enjoys hunting, fishing, and camping with his children. He’s a dedicated outdoorsman with a great passion for life and family.