Behind the Scenes


Jaimie Dery


Accounts Payable / Payroll Administrator
Employed at  ECBVerdyol for 3 years

 PDF of Jaimie's write up

Jaimie Dery


Jaimie is the Accounts Payable and Payroll Administrator at ECBVerdyol. She is in charge of entering all account payable invoices, assisting the accounting controller and submitting Payroll for the company. Jaimie was born and raised in Alberta, and graduated with honours in computerized accounting.  She has several years of work experience in accounting for various companies, in Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg and now Riverton.

Jaimie is fun, easy-going and everyone knows her for bringing to work a Great Dane dog, a Parrot, her sugar gliders and of course, her colourful slippers. In fact, Jaimie’s personality reflects her belief in work-recreation balance as the key to physical and psychological wellbeing. As the leader of ECBVerdyol’s Social Committee, she is constantly seeking for new and fun activities to motivate the company’s team members and to increase their sense of belonging. Her favorite event to organize so far is the annual Christmas party for the staff. With great attendance, entertainment, prizes and of course food, it is the most anticipated social event of the year.

But Jaimie’s dedication to employee’s wellbeing goes further than just fun activities. She strives for excellence in all her day-to-day operations and thanks to her dedication, the payroll department runs seamless, accurate processes that ensure everyone receives their paychecks on time.

In her free time, Jaimie enjoys spending time with her husband and their two teenage kids, along with their 4 dogs, a turtle, two sugar gliders and her African Grey Parrot.  She also enjoys wood burning signs for her family and friends, hosting get-togethers, as well as football and UFC parties.

 Jaimie Dery after work hours.