Behind the Scenes


Daniel Selander


Sales and Technical Support
Employed at WINFAB  for 10 months


 PDF of Dan's write up

 Daneiel Selander

Daniel joined WINFAB in September of 2019.  His career has included manufacturing production, quality, process improvement managerial positions, as well as sales leadership.

An executive council member with the GMA for the past 7 years, presently serving as the Geotextile Focus Group Chair, and now representing WINFAB with the GMA and ECTC, he has worked to "grow the pie" in Geosynthetics and represent industry in the public arena.  This effort has included lobbying trips to D.C. and several state visits, AASHTO meetings etc.

He is the father of three and married to a high school administrator. In his free time, he enjoys golf, fishing, the beach, cooking and traveling.  He is a proud alumnus of The Citadel.