Behind the Scenes


Cory Seemann

American Excelsior Company

Scheduling Coordinator
Employed at American Excelsior Company for 20 years


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 Cory Seemann

Mr. Cory Seemann is a true "behind the scenes" hero that makes the industry work.  Cory is employed at American Excelsior Company's Rice Lake, WI plant as the Scheduling Coordinator.  He masterfully balances many factors across multiple product lines and divisions of American Excelsior Company.  His drive to help customers is second to none.  Anyone that has ever had the joy to work with Cory knows that he has a "magical" wand hidden somewhere because he always seems to find a solution and get things to work out regardless of the complexity of the situation.  He always remains positive even during challenging times when he is working on his wizardry.  

Cory's experience is invaluable.  He has worked in numerous positions through the years such as erosion control blanket packager, counter presser, bundle wrapper, bundle press operator, loft operator, forklift driver, particle line operator, logistics coordinator, and now scheduler.  His knowledge gained from the various positions helps him better understand the entire process and what is most efficient regarding production scheduling.  

Cory Seemann Enjoying Time with FamilyCory and his wife Alison have two sons.  Braxton is currently in college at Winona State University.  McCormick is a Senior in high school and is also planning to attend Winona State University in the fall.  When Cory is not masterfully working to help our industry run smoother, he enjoys spending time with his family, hunting, fishing, and football.  Go Pack Go!