Channel - Product Selection Tool

The tools given here will assist you in selecting appropriate erosion control products. The following information is provided as a first step in the careful evaluation of the erosion control materials best suited to the site conditions and needs.

To use these charts you will need to select the functional longevity (i.e. the time the project must work before degrading to establish vegetation) for your project site. These selections are found at the end of this page.

The second selection will be the maximum shear stress the channel is expected to see under vegetated conditions. Once you make that selection you will either be taken to a chart of potential products or you will need to select the maximum shear stress the channel is expected to see in the unvegetated condition.

Once you get to a chart containing products that may work on your job site, please review the product literature provided by the manufacturer before making your final decision. There is a link to the manufacturer's website where the product literature can be found. These charts contain general recommendations and your project site may have other conditions that may influence type of product needed.

Select the Functional Longevity

< 3 months
> 3 months and < 12 months
> 12 months and < 24 months
> 24 months and < 36 months
> 36 months 

These charts contains only general recommendations for the use of commercially available rolled erosion control products (RECPs) and must not be used for actual product selection without consideration of more site-specific factors. The manufacturer of the product listed has provided all performance values shown. These manufacturers will, upon request, provide the independent test data to back up the claims. The ECTC and its members accept no liability for misuse of this information.